Carbonate Forum 2021

Seds online was pleased to host the Carbonate Forum 2021 from May 11-12 as an online conference.

Session 6 – Early Diagenesis & Poster 2

Chairs: Fiona Whitaker (Bristol) and Philip Staudigel (Cardiff)

Megan Smith (Miami) Global diagenetic signatures of shallow water carbonates: carbon and oxygen isotopes

Evan Moore (Miami) Recrystallization within warm-water drift deposits and cool-water carbonate ramps: clumped and sulfur isotopes from ODP Leg 182 and IODP Leg 359

Hal Bradbury (Cambridge) The carbon-sulfur link in the remineralization of organic carbon in surface sediments Cecelia Benavente (CONICET) Multiproxy approach to calculate paleotemperatures from deep time lacustrine carbonates

Yihang Fang (Wisconsin) Dissolved silica catalyzed disordered dolomite precipitation: an abiotic key to the dolomite problem

Poster Session 2 Chairs: Philip Staudigel (Cardiff) and Mathias Müller (RU Bochum)

Qian Xiao (CUG, Wuhan) Primary dolomite in the Ediacaran Shibantan limestone and implication for the origin of Precambrian dolostones

Vladimir Rogov (IPGG SB RAS) Upper Vendian (Ediacaran) carbonate platform in northwestern Siberia (Olenek uplift)

Sanghita Dasgupta (ITT Bombay) Evidence of spring carbonates in the Late Triassic continental Gondwana deposits, India

Nour Alzoubi (Szeged) Analyzing CT data of the recent non-marine dolomite using statistics

Session 7 – Deeper Diagenesis

Chairs: Hilary Corlett (MacEwan) and Jack Stacey (Manchester)

Wenwen Wei (Bristol) The creation of microrhombic calcite and microporosity through deep burial basinal flow processes driven by plate margin obduction – a realistic model?

Sahar Mohammadi (Kansas) Diagenetic impact of basinal and hydrothermal fluids in the Mississippian rocks of the southern Midcontinent of USA

Andrew Hollenbach (Kansas) Tectonic drivers of hydrothermal flow through US Midcontinent carbonates

Jack Stacey (Manchester) The evolution of dolomitization over time in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

Session 5 – Carbonate Chemistry

Chairs: Rachel Wood (Edinburgh) and Chelsea Pederson (RU Bochum)

Hamish Robertson (Bristol) A new solubility constant for dolomite

Philip Staudigel (Cardiff) Recipes for disaster: how to cook a carbonate climate record

Tom Kibblewhite (Bristol) Geochemical modelling of lacustrine sedimentation: on the critical yet overlooked role of mineral kinetics

Simone Booker (Dalhousie) Determining spatial gradients in δ13C signatures of essential amino acids from carbonate sediments

Session 4 – Artificial Intelligence in Carbonates

Chairs: Cathy Hollis (Manchester) and Ardiansyah Koeshidayatullah (Stanford)

Issac Jayachandran (Texas A&M) Evaluating microcrystal segmentation algorithms

Harriet Dawson (Imperial) Deep and meaningful? Comparing CNN architectures for carbonate core classification

Session 3 – Shallow Water Processes and Sediments

Chairs: Stephen Lokier (Bangor) and Lucy Manifold (CGG Robertson)

Haiwei Xi (Liverpool) Spatial self-organization of carbonate microbial mounds: insights from stratigraphic forward modelling using Stromatobyte3D

Daniel Gonzalez (Calgary) Climatic implications of oncolite-rich beds in the Lower Permian Zottachkopf Formation, Carnic Alps, Austria

Anna Claussen (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg) Bryozoan-rich stromatolites (bryostromatolites) from the Silurian of Gotland and their relation to climate-related perturbations of the global carbon cycle

Or Bialik (Malta) Warming-induced abiotic carbonate formation in the Mediterranean water column

Iván Díaz-García (Oviedo) Basin-scale intrasediment gypsum precipitation in pelagic carbonate successions: the case of the Variscan foreland basin (mid-Carboniferous).

Session 2 – Deep Water Processes and Sediments & Poster Session 1

Session 2: Deep Water Processes and Sediments

Chairs: Cathy Hollis (Manchester) and Zhe Yang (BRIUG, Beijing)

Zhe Yang (BRIUG, Beijing) A new model for formation of primary dolomite by subaqueous hydrothermal venting

Reinhard Weidlich (Fribourg) Morphological and geochemical characterisation of seep carbonates in the southeastern Mediterranean Sea

Johan Le Goff (Bordeaux) Strontium sorting in calciturbidites

Hanaga Simabrata (Mines, Colorado) Multi-scale syn-emplacement deformation and microstructure facies of mixed carbonate-siliciclastic mass-transport deposits, Cutoff Formation, Guadalupe Mountains, Texas – New Mexico

Poster Session 1 – Introductions

Chairs: Chelsea Pederson (RU Bochum) and Hilary Corlett (MacEwan)

Orrin Bryers (Manchester) Kilometre-scale coral carpets on mixed carbonate-siliciclastic platforms; a sedimentological study from the Lower Cretaceous of northwest Africa

Haileyesus Negga (Fribourg) Sedimentological environment of middle Pleistocene coralgal reefs in the Danakil Depression (Afar, Ethiopia)

Ahmad Ramdani (KAUST) 3D high-resolution photogrammetry and geophysical outcrop surveys to resolve meter-scale interwell depositional heterogeneities in stromatoporoid/coral-rich reservoir facies of the Late Jurassic Hanifa Fm, Saudi Arabia

Mary Raigosa (Ecopetrol) Carbonate prospectivity in the Guajira Basin

Session 1 – Platforms, Margins, and Slopes

Chairs: Estani Kozlowski (CGG Robertson) and Isabella Masiero (Equinor) Xiaoxia Huang (CAS Beijing) First documentation of seismic stratigraphy and depositional signatures of Zhongsha atoll (Macclesfield Bank), South China Sea Alexander Petrovic (KAUST) Slip slidn’ away – Collapse, rafting, and drowning of a carbonate platform margin Selin Coskun (Manchester) The Cretaceous evolution of long-lived carbonate platform with emphasis on margin collapse, offshore Senegal, NW Africa Jesús Reolid (Granada) Evolution of a Miocene canyon and its carbonate infill in the pre-evaporitic Eastern Mediterranean