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Seds Online provides an interactive, adaptable, and accessible online platform for anyone with an interest in the field of sedimentology. We welcome members from any career stage, from both industry and academia and anywhere in between!

We aim to facilitate and empower the community so we can grow, develop, and unite.

All of our resources are FREE to access by members of the Seds Online community, thanks to sponsorship from the International Association of Sedimentologists (IAS)!

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Our philosophy:

  • To facilitate greener meetings for the growing number of environmentally conscious people in our community by reducing travel.
  • To keep sedimentologists connected across continents, geographically isolated areas and time zones.
  • To help businesses and academics communicate , collaborate and innovate.
  • To remain free and open to all with an interest in Sedimentology!

Our commitment to the IAS

Seds Online is closely affiliated to, but independent from, the IAS – our exclusive sponsor. The IAS has members in over 100 countries. Its main activities are the publication of top-quality journals, the organisation and sponsoring of conferences and financially assisting sedimentologists through a system of grants. We encourage you to join the IAS and find out more at: https://www.sedimentologists.org/