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Where and Why Do Submarine Canyons Develop?

Anne Bernhardt - Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin

08/02/2023 4:00 pm (London)

Rescheduled date due to speaker illness. New date TBD.   Submarine canyons play a fundamental role in land-to-ocean transport of sediment, pollutants and organic carbon. Moreover, canyons that are connected to terrestrial sediment sources are especially efficient in material routing. We aim to identify the main controls on (1) submarine canyon occurrence along continental margins and on (2) whether a canyon head remains connected to terrestrial sediment input during sea-level rise. We assess these problems on a global scale using Bayesian regression and spatial point pattern analysis.

Seds Online Student Webinar (SOSW7)


08/03/2023 4:00 pm (London)