Session 3 – Shallow Water Processes and Sediments

Chairs: Stephen Lokier (Bangor) and Lucy Manifold (CGG Robertson)

Haiwei Xi (Liverpool) Spatial self-organization of carbonate microbial mounds: insights from stratigraphic forward modelling using Stromatobyte3D

Daniel Gonzalez (Calgary) Climatic implications of oncolite-rich beds in the Lower Permian Zottachkopf Formation, Carnic Alps, Austria

Anna Claussen (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg) Bryozoan-rich stromatolites (bryostromatolites) from the Silurian of Gotland and their relation to climate-related perturbations of the global carbon cycle

Or Bialik (Malta) Warming-induced abiotic carbonate formation in the Mediterranean water column

Iván Díaz-García (Oviedo) Basin-scale intrasediment gypsum precipitation in pelagic carbonate successions: the case of the Variscan foreland basin (mid-Carboniferous).