Session 6 – Early Diagenesis & Poster 2

Chairs: Fiona Whitaker (Bristol) and Philip Staudigel (Cardiff)

Megan Smith (Miami) Global diagenetic signatures of shallow water carbonates: carbon and oxygen isotopes

Evan Moore (Miami) Recrystallization within warm-water drift deposits and cool-water carbonate ramps: clumped and sulfur isotopes from ODP Leg 182 and IODP Leg 359

Hal Bradbury (Cambridge) The carbon-sulfur link in the remineralization of organic carbon in surface sediments Cecelia Benavente (CONICET) Multiproxy approach to calculate paleotemperatures from deep time lacustrine carbonates

Yihang Fang (Wisconsin) Dissolved silica catalyzed disordered dolomite precipitation: an abiotic key to the dolomite problem

Poster Session 2 Chairs: Philip Staudigel (Cardiff) and Mathias Müller (RU Bochum)

Qian Xiao (CUG, Wuhan) Primary dolomite in the Ediacaran Shibantan limestone and implication for the origin of Precambrian dolostones

Vladimir Rogov (IPGG SB RAS) Upper Vendian (Ediacaran) carbonate platform in northwestern Siberia (Olenek uplift)

Sanghita Dasgupta (ITT Bombay) Evidence of spring carbonates in the Late Triassic continental Gondwana deposits, India

Nour Alzoubi (Szeged) Analyzing CT data of the recent non-marine dolomite using statistics