Session 2 – Deep Water Processes and Sediments & Poster Session 1

Session 2: Deep Water Processes and Sediments

Chairs: Cathy Hollis (Manchester) and Zhe Yang (BRIUG, Beijing)

Zhe Yang (BRIUG, Beijing) A new model for formation of primary dolomite by subaqueous hydrothermal venting

Reinhard Weidlich (Fribourg) Morphological and geochemical characterisation of seep carbonates in the southeastern Mediterranean Sea

Johan Le Goff (Bordeaux) Strontium sorting in calciturbidites

Hanaga Simabrata (Mines, Colorado) Multi-scale syn-emplacement deformation and microstructure facies of mixed carbonate-siliciclastic mass-transport deposits, Cutoff Formation, Guadalupe Mountains, Texas – New Mexico

Poster Session 1 – Introductions

Chairs: Chelsea Pederson (RU Bochum) and Hilary Corlett (MacEwan)

Orrin Bryers (Manchester) Kilometre-scale coral carpets on mixed carbonate-siliciclastic platforms; a sedimentological study from the Lower Cretaceous of northwest Africa

Haileyesus Negga (Fribourg) Sedimentological environment of middle Pleistocene coralgal reefs in the Danakil Depression (Afar, Ethiopia)

Ahmad Ramdani (KAUST) 3D high-resolution photogrammetry and geophysical outcrop surveys to resolve meter-scale interwell depositional heterogeneities in stromatoporoid/coral-rich reservoir facies of the Late Jurassic Hanifa Fm, Saudi Arabia

Mary Raigosa (Ecopetrol) Carbonate prospectivity in the Guajira Basin