Session 7 – Burial diagenesis

Chair – Cathy Hollis

1 – Hydrobreccias, Zebra Dolomite, and Crack-Seal Textures; Implications for the Emplacement of Fault-Controlled Dolomite
Cole McCormick
*, Cathy Hollis, Ernie Rutter, Hilary Corlett
University of Manchester, UK

2 – The impact of hydrocarbon emplacement on cementation in carbonate reservoirs
Stephen Gundu*
, Cess van der Land, Sanem Acikilan, Tannaz Pak, Shannon Flynn, Laura Galluccio
Newcastle University, UK

3 – Diagenetic evolution of Jurassic platform carbonates along the NE Atlantic Margin
Nawwar Al Sinawi
*, Cathy Hollis, Stefan Schröder, Jonathan Redfern
University of Manchester, UK

4 – Application of Clumped Isotope Palaeothermometry to reconstruct thermal evolution of recrystallised calcite in fine-grained micrites
Sarah Robinson*
, Cédric M. John, Annabel Dale, Mark Osborne
Imperial College, University of London, UK