Session 6 – Marine and near surface diagenesis

Chair – Stefan Schroeder

1 – Biogeochemical drivers of modern carbonate firm-ground formation: Yas lagoon, Abu Dhabi
Hazel Vallack
*, Sarah E. Greene, Stephen W. Lokier, Jens Holtvoeth, Victoria A. Petryshyn, Emily N. Junkins, Bradley S. Stevenson, Fiona Whitaker
University of Bristol, UK

2 – Karst Geobody Extraction through the combination of Karst Characterisation Workflow and Principal Component Analysis (PCA) in Carbonate Fields of Central Luconia Province, Sarawak
Sook Fun Lim
*, D.A. Uli, A. Kumar, M.H.H. Mohammad, Z. Mohammad, Z.Z. Tuan Harith, A. Kolupaev and Y.F. Zainudain
Beicip-Franlab, Asia

3 – Influence of long term exposure surfaces on the compartmentalization and distribution of microporosity in shallow water carbonates
Hugues Biltault
*, Philippe Leonide, François Fournier, Cathy Hollis, Matthieu Rousseau & Jérôme Hennuy
University of Manchester, UK

4 – Petrophysical and Acoustic Properties of Two Middle East Reservoirs; A Comparison between Calcitic and Aragonitic Sea Deposits
Moaz Salih
*, John J.G. Reijmer, Luis A. González, and Ammar El-Husseiny
KFUPM, Saudi Arabia