Session 5 – Platform scale and fault controlled fluid flow

Chair – Fiona Whitaker

1 – A method for constraining fluid advection rates on carbonate platforms using calcium and clumped isotopes
Philip Staudigel*

University of Cardiff, UK

2 – Controls on the Localisation of Fault/Fracture Controlled Dolomitization: insights from the Derbyshire Platform, Lower Carboniferous, UK
Catherine Breislin
*, Cathy Hollis, Ian Millar, Vanessa Banks, James Riding
University of Manchester, UK

3 – High temperature fault-controlled dolomitization by convection of seawater: concept evaluation using reactive transport modelling
Rungroj Benjakul*
, Cathy Hollis, Hamish A. Robertson, Eric L. Sonnenthal, Fiona Whitaker
University of Bristol, UK

Reconstructing fluid circulation pathways in volcanically influenced settings: a case study from the Namibe Basin (Angola)
Edoardo Fiordalisi, Gustavo do Couto Pereira, Nathan Rochelle-Bates Nathan, Marta Marchegian, Cedric John, Richard Dixon, Ian Sharp, Stefan Schröder
University of Manchester, UK