Session 2 – Sedimentological Processes

Chair – Stephen Lokier

1 – Along-strike sedimentological variability of calcareous tempestites
Thomas Haines*, Joyce Neilson
Independent / University of Aberdeen, UK

2 – Sedimentological study of Miocene coral carbonate facies in the Syracuse area (Sicily)
Claudia Morabito*
University of Ferrara, Italy

3 – Spatial self-organization and autogenic dynamics of peritidal carbonate system: insights from stratigraphic forward modelling
Haiwei Xi* and Peter Burgess
University of Liverpool, UK

4 – Tracing the origins of marine epiphytic environments: new insights from Upper Triassic shallow water carboantes of the Yukon, Canada
Nicolo del Piero*, Sylvain Regaud, Rossana Martini
University of Geneva, Switzerland