Session 3 – Microbial and Non-Marine Carbonates

Chair – Rachel Wood

1 – Analysing statistical properties and heterogeity of Holocene freshwater dolomites from Hungary using CT data
Nour Alzoubi*, Sandor Gulyas, Janos Geiger
University of Szeged, Hungary

2 – Microbial versus abiotic controls on Mg- and Ca-carbonate precipitation and diagenesis: Insights from a modern hydromagnesite-magnesite playa, Atlin, BC, Canada
Tom Kibblewhite*, Emily Junkins, Fiona Whitaker, and Bradley Stevenson
University of Bristol, UK

3 – Petrological, geochemical and morphological characteristics of modern and ancient lacustrine microbial carbonates of the Iberian Peninsula
Connor Doyle*, Stefan Schröder, Juan Pablo Corella, Blas Valero Garces, Julia Behnsen
University of Manchester, UK