Session 1 – Sedimentological Evaluation of Carbonate Platforms

Chair – Peter Burgess

1 – Morphology and Depositional Architecture of a Miocene Carbonate Platform, Central Luconia: An Insight from wave pattern analysis
Muhammad Hanif Haziq*, D.A. Uli, Dr. Z. Z. T. Harith, M.M.H. Mohammad, G. Primadani, A. Kolupaev, S.Fun, Z.Mohammad, G. Primadani & J. Margotta
Beicip-Franlab, Asia

2 – Sedimentary evolution and vertical movements of Cenomanian to Santonian carbonate platforms in Iberia
Nicolas Saspiturry*, Simon Andrieu, Marine Lartigau, Benoit Issautier, Paul Angran, Eric Lasseur and Tiago M. Alves
Université Bordeaux Montaigne, France / University of Cardiff, UK

3 – Seismic-scale coral carpets on a mixed carbonate-siliciclastic shelf; a sedimentological study from the Lower Cretaceous of NW Africa
Orrin Bryers*, Jonathan Redfern, Luc Bulot & Aude Duval-Arnould
University of Manchester, UK