The fingerprint of environmental change in the aeolian sedimentary record

Dr Nigel Mountney – University of Leeds

Aeolian sedimentary systems are sensitive to changes in multiple environmental variables, including climate, sea level, sediment supply and tectonic controls. As such, the preserved sedimentary deposits of aeolian dune fields record a fingerprint of past environmental change. A combined field-based, remote-sensing and modelling approach is used to characterise a variety of different types of aeolian sedimentary system and their preserved successions. A suite of generic models is developed and applied to enable regional palaeoenvironmental reconstructions of desert systems that evolved during different periods in earth history, and in different palaeogeographic settings, in response to changing environmental conditions. These models are applied to predict sediment-system response to future environmental change, especially desertification arising from on-going climate change.