Do you go with the flow? Contourite and Mixed depositional systems

Dr Javier Hernandez-Molina – Royal Hoilloway, University of London

Along-slope bottom currents, and associated oceanographic processes, can trigger large- and small-scale deep-water processes that interact with other hemipelagic and gravitational processes, generating Contourites and Mixed (or Hybrid?) Depositional Systems, depending on the relative contribution of each type of process behind the scenes. The very recent explosion of examples described in either academic or industry research on the deep-marine sedimentation has no doubt contributed to a better understanding of these systems. New models are being proposed and there is a growing interest in these systems, in their origins, their deposits and evolution, their relationship with deep-sea ecosystems, geological hazard, and even their economic potential. Nevertheless, we lack some essential knowledge about their genetics, interrelations and evolution over time. This talk is intended to present the basic (confirmed or proposed) concepts regarding Contourite and Mixed Depositional Systems, offering examples from modern oceans and ancient records, from 2D and 3D seismic scales to the sedimentary facies scale, highlighting the role of bottom currents in shaping the sea-floor and controlling the sedimentary stacking patterns of deep-water sedimentary successions. Future considerations are then put forth, so that the newly enlightened audience, especially students and young researchers, may more readily to “go with the flow”.