Coralline algae made simple: tips for using red calcareous algae for paleoenvironmental reconstruction of Miocene carbonates

Dr Giovanni Coletti – University of Milano Bicocca

Coralline algae are one of the most common carbonate producers in shelf environment, occurring from the poles to the equator and from the intertidal zone to the lowest limit of the photic zone. Notwithstanding their abundance (and several attempts throughout the years), they remain a relatively underused instrument for studying shallow water limestones. This is mainly caused by the complicated and ever shifting taxonomy and by the inherent difficulties in dealing with a macroscopic object which requires a microscope for proper identification. This talk aims at providing a couple of useful and time-effective strategies to use coralline algae for paleoenvironmental reconstructions focusing on the Miocene, an epoch where these carbonate producers are particularly widespread and common.