Biotic, abiotic, pre-biotic, post-biotic controls on carbonate and phosphate formation

Dr Emilia Jarochowska – Friedrich-Alexander-University

Organisms can produce minerals with highly controlled crystallographic texture, either as a necessity resulting from growth mechanism, or to achieve desired material properties. But they will not shy away from abiotic mechanisms of crystal formation when they can exploit them. What is more, the crystallographic texture of originally highly-controlled biominerals can be altered by diagenesis. As a result, instead of a clearly defined biologically controlled and abiotic minerals, there is a spectrum of textures occurring in nature. In deep-time marine minerals, the crystallographic properties and their preservation may be the key to identifying the biotic origin of a structure and even its biological affinity (microbial or metazoan). This talk will provide a short overview of Electron Backscatter Diffraction and its use in studying fossil carbonates and phosphates, including sample preparation and data analyses important in resolving the processes of their formation.