Seds Online Student Webinar (SOSW 2): Influences of syndepositional deformation on sedimentation

Ariana Osman, Sebastian Reimann, and David Lankford-Bravo

Ariana Osman (The University of the West Indies) “The Changing Topset Regime and Clinoform Architecture on the Paleo-Orinoco Delta, Trinidad – A Story of Eustatic and Tectonic Interaction”

Sebastian Reimann (Friedrich Schiller University Jena) “Syndepositional Intrusion of the Lomati River Sill and Liked Hydrothermalism Preserves Records of One of the Earliest Benthic Ecosystems”

David Lankford-Bravo (The University of Texas at El Paso) “Investigating Permian-Aged Deposition and Deformation at the North Onion Creek Salt Shoulder”