The Carbonate Forum, May 10-11, 2022

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Invitation and call for contributions to the 3rd Carbonate Forum

The Carbonate Forum aims to bring together those working across the whole breadth of carbonate research to foster discussion and share knowledge and ideas. Uniquely, it gives a voice to those scientists in the early stages of their career who are often at the forefront of scientific advances but who are not always able to attend international conferences. Following our past success running this low-carbon footprint, inclusive, event and with the ongoing support of Seds Online, the Third Carbonate Forum Meeting will be held online on the 10th of May 2022.

Presentations will only be offered to postgraduate and early career researchers*, and should be focused on fundamental, underpinning processes rather than the applied aspects of projects. Contributions in the form of brief bullet points summarising; i) research motivation and hypothesis/es tested, ii) approach/methods, iii) key results, and, iv) their significance are to be submitted via the Google Form here strictly by February 14th, 2022.

This year, under the theme of Local Rocks for Global People, we are planning also to run a series of related in-person events (one-day field trips, core workshops, laboratory visits) that focus on an outstanding carbonate question, for example the meaning and significance of some particular outcrop or core features. These events will take place prior to the Forum and aim to connect local carbonate communities with the global carbonate community and build networks.  Each event will briefly report back during the Forum with the aim of prompting virtual discussion of the identified questions to engage global people in the local rocks. If you are interested in running one of these events then please visit this page.

Put the dates in your diary now, further details will follow on the Seds Online website with registration opening 14th March.

On behalf of the Scientific Committee: Peter Burgess, Cathy Hollis, Stephen Lokier, Fiona Whitaker & Rachel Wood

*any individual with no more than 7 years’ experience (or part-time equivalent) since the award of their PhD, excluding periods of parental/care leave. 

Under the theme of Local Rocks for Global People, we are looking for local volunteers to coordinate and run local one-day Carbonate Events. These will take place during the few weeks prior to The Carbonate Forum 2022, scheduled for Tuesday the 10th. By running local events we aim to enhance the forum with field and lab content, engage our local carbonate communities, build networks and minimise our carbonate footprint.

These events could be one-day field trips, core workshops, lab tours. The choice is yours. All that we ask is that you will take full responsibility for the event and that you will make a brief online presentation to report back on the activity during The Carbonate Forum 2022 to share the key aspects of the local group experience with the global carbonate community. If you are interested in running a local Carbonate Event then please download, complete and return the form found here no later than February 28th.