Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

1.1.  This information Policy concerning the protection of privacy and the Processing of Personal Data (“Privacy Policy”) is designed to inform you as a Data Subject about the Processing of your Personal Data and the rights you can invoke in this respect, according to the European General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and other Privacy and data protection local legislation interpreted in a large sense (e.g. laws, regulations and other similar legal instruments) (“Applicable Laws”).

1.2.  All terms used with a capital letter that are not defined, shall have the meaning provided for in the Applicable Laws.

2. Processing of Personal Data

2.1. Seds Online Processes your Personal Data (“Personal Data” or “Data”) according to the provisions as described below.

2.2.  We undertake to respect the Applicable Laws and your rights as provided by these laws in relation with the Processing of your Data. This Policy explains how we Process your Data.

3. For what purposes will the Personal Data be Processed?

3.1. You contact us via the contact form on the website or via e-mail

3.1.1. In this case, we only process your personal data in order to be able to answer your request.

3.2.  You are a Seds Online member

3.2.1. In this case, we process your personal data in order to perform our members’ administration.

3.3.  You wish to publish articles or files in one of the Forums or Repositories of Seds Online.

3.3.1. In this case, we only process your personal data in order to be able to engage with you in respect of the publication of your work, to publish, disseminate and promote your work and to mention your contact details on your copyright protected works.

4. Who is involved in the Processing of your Personal Data?

4.1.  Seds Online acts as the Data Controller in the meaning of the Applicable Laws with respect to the Processing of your Personal Data, which means that we determine the purposes and means of the Processing of the Personal Data and that we will be the primary responsible for ensuring that this Processing is done in a lawful, transparent and secure manner.

4.2.  Seds Online reserves the right to engage subcontractors as “Processors” in the meaning of Applicable Laws with respect to the Processing of your Data (e.g. IT service providers; publishers, etc.). Seds Online ensures only to engage Processors providing sufficient guarantees in relation with the lawful and transparent Processing and security for the Processing of the Data.

4.3.  Seds Online reserves the right to share Personal Data with entities with whom we have a collaboration (e.g. organiser of a conference where Seds Online members get a discount).

4.4.  We may also need to transfer your Data to other Recipients such as public authorities, enforcement authorities, public prosecutors and courts, our attorneys, advisors or other services providers, auditors or other third parties, if we estimate in good faith that such disclosure is reasonably necessary or useful (e.g. in order for us to comply with a legal obligation or procedure, in the context of a reorganization of our association, to broaden or improve our activities, to protect our rights and interests or the security and safety of our organization, our infrastructure, our activities, our members or partners or the public), fully taking into account our obligations under the Applicable Laws.

4.5.  For transfers to recipients outside of the European Economic Area, Seds Online will ensure that an adequacy decision has been issued by the European Commission confirming that the recipient of the Data, third country or international organisation, provides an adequate level of protection or that appropriate (contractual) safeguards are in place. For more information in this respect, you can contact us via

5. Which Personal Data will be Processed and for how long?

5.1.  We only process the personal data you provide us with yourself (via all possible channels, including but not limited to e-mail, telephone, our website and the submission websites for our publications), which may include the following categories of Data:

–  Identification data (such as your family name, first name, address, e-mail, telephone number, fax number, nationality)

–  Professional data (such as your position, affiliation, institute, title, areas of expertise, research description, supervisor)

5.2.  We will always indicate whether personal data needs to be provided on a mandatory or voluntary basis.

5.3.  We will only Process Personal Data for as long as it is necessary for the different Purposes listed below.

6. What rights do you have with respect to your Personal Data?

6.1.  Seds Online will implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure that the Processing of the Personal Data is performed in accordance with Applicable Laws, in particular ensuring an appropriate level of security to protect such Personal Data from loss, misuse, alteration or destruction.

6.2.  By contacting us via, as concerned Data Subject, you may at any time request (with an acceptable proof of identity) taking into consideration the limits and conditions of these rights under the Applicable Laws:

–  to confirm as to whether or not Data concerning you are being processed by us and, where that is the case, you may request access to or receipt of your Personal Data;

–  to correct inaccurate Data relating to you;

–  to complete incomplete Data relating to you;

–  to erase Data or to restrict the processing of (certain) Data relating to you;

–  to oppose yourself to the Processing of Data relating to you;

–  to have your Personal Data transferred to another controller; and

–  for a Processing based on your consent, to withdraw such consent.

Before responding to your request, we will verify if your request is sufficiently founded, if it is not excessive and if all other conditions under the Applicable Laws are fulfilled, and revert to you with an answer within 30 working days.

  1. 6.3.  Please note that you also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority of your choice at any time if you are of the opinion that the Processing of your Personal Data by Seds Online infringes any Applicable Laws.

7. Cookies?

7.1.  Cookies are small text files that are stored on the hard disk of your computer, phone, mobile phone, tablet or other devices.

7.2.  The website of Seds Online uses cookies:

7.3.  If you do not want Seds Online to place cookies on your device, we refer to the instruction of your internet browser on blocking cookies. Please note that by deactivating cookies, it may happen that the website does not function fully.

8. Do you have any further questions?

8.1. In case you have any questions with respect to the Processing of your Personal Data, you can contact us via

9. Changes to this Policy?

9.1. We will update this Policy from time to time, and will do our best to communicate material changes to you before they become effective by the best means available to us.

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